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* Lightrix: Drive Adafruit Neopixels over Matrix
** Installation
You will need a Raspberry Pi that is attached to your network. I am using a Raspberry Pi Model A+ due to its really adorable formfactor and the fact that I have some WiFi dongles laying about.
First off, get the =rpi_ws281x= library working, and verify that works for you. I followed [[][this Adafruit tutorial]] to get it working, I would recommend the same; you will need a 3v3->5v logic level converter, which is unfortunate, but it makes this so much easier.
Once you have that working and installed, install the =matrix-client= from Pip.
sudo pip install matrix-client
Yes, I install it in to the main Python library path, because I'm an infoterrorist. It's an embedded Raspberry Pi, deal with it.
** Usage
- Create a =~/.mcatrc=
- Run =python ./ --room "<YOUR ROOM ID>" -c ~/.mcatrc= and it'll fire up
- Go in to the room and type "rainbow"