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A matrix bot for controlling a mpd music stream


You need:

  • A working MPD Setup
  • MPC installed
  • A http stream
  • A folder that this script can write and read to for music files.
  • Auto update turned on in mpd


The current command selection is listed below:

  play - Play if the stream has stopped
  prev - Go to the previous track
  next - Go to the next track
  current - Current track name
  help - List avaliable commands
  [youtube url] - Give a youtube url to queue it
  stream url - What is the stream url?
  update - Refresh the library if the mpd fails to find a uploaded track.


The configuration is stored in ~/.config/mpddj.ini

The default config is listed below:

  host = localhost
  port = 6600
  streamurl = http://localhost:8000
  host  = https://localhost:8448
  user  = username
  pass  = password
  rooms = #RoomA,#RoomB:localhost,#RoomC