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Memex Client Specifications


This document lays out the ways in which I will be interacting with my Memex, possibly with crudely drawn interface descriptions.

Chat Interface (Matrix)

I'd like a chat-style interface to be the primary system with which to interact with the Memex; this allows me to form natural-language queries and send them to the system, in a way that is easy for me to integrate with my other systems, such as the CCE1. In essence, this boils down to a pretty simple NLP system which needs to be able to extract a few parts of speech out of a query.

Sample Flows

(op is the Operator of the bot, and bot is the bot)

Retrieving Information

<op>  What photos did I take on January 17th?
<bot> I found 27 photos you took on January 17th, 2016.
<bot> I am uploading thumbnails now. Feel free to tell me to stop when you see what you are looking for.
<bot> =IMG_2011.jpg=
<bot> My friends and I at dinner fact://photos/ef066a9b-be38-4013-af4a-f4ed2faa410e
<bot> =IMG_2012.jpg=
<bot> Birthday Selfie! fact://photos/2a9b5f93-cb1d-4096-910f-38c3afb6cb9f
<bot> =IMG_2013.jpg=
<op>  stop
<bot> fact://photos/7535a26e-11a0-44e9-ac30-0fff2e212abe
<bot> If you want more information about a fact, paste the description or the item's URI back to me.
<op>  My friends and I at dinner (in Oakland, CA), fact://photos/ef066a9b-be38-4013-af4a-f4ed2faa410e
<bot> This fact was captured in Oakland, CA at 21:13 on January 17th 2016.
<bot> It is tagged with "Carl Johnson", "Jane Doe", "John Doo", "Ocean Waves", "Roxie Theatre"

The key bits here are What photos which references the photos fact index, and "on January 17th" with an implied year of "last year", which is the parameter on which to narrow the query. Other ``narrowers" could be "in Phoenix, Arizona" and eventually more complex chained queries like "during fact://event/ef2cdcbd-449f-4903-9119-69779e63c6c0", referencing an Event fact's start and end times.

Adding a fact

<op>  I purchased "Site Reliability Engineering" EBook from O'Reilly
<bot> Okay, can you upload a picture of it?
<op>  =IMG_2014.jpg=
<bot> Thanks, I have found the following information about the ebook, is it correct?
<bot> Title: Site Reliability Engineering
<bot> Author: John Doe
<bot> ISBN: 1234567890
<op>  Correct.
<bot> Great, how much did it cost?
<op>  34.99
<bot> Alright, I've created fact://ebook/1560bff1-ae7a-4117-85b8-7c9caa294cb7

Web Application

Tasker Scripts

Command Line query interface