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* Nervewire: Image Deck
I run a small [[][Matrix to RSS]] bot with a bunch of cool cyberpunk/scifi/glitch art blogs in it. It's a
cool place to just dig through random art, but I also want to present it in other ways.
One way is Nervewire, which coalesces all of these images from the room, and dumps them on to a page
so that they can serve as a screensaver or wallpaper.
My instance of Nervewire is hosted at [[]] and hosts the
aforemented Cyberdelia room.
* Hosting
Hosting is simple; fill out the details in =token.js=, with a userId, accessToken and that user's
homeserver. This user's accessToken can be used to do anything, so, uh, don't be an asshole. I would
recommend setting up a room with a posting power level of at least 1 to prevent griefing, and to
keep the Nervewire user at power level 0. Then just, like, put this somewhere. It's static JS.