Ansible scripts for deploying an Mastodon cloud. unmaintained.
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Ansible for Mastodon on AWS

(All of this applies to when this is done)

This will install Mastodon on a number of AWS EC2 instance, after creating a VPC and RDS, putting the instances behind a single load-balancer that you can point a domain name at.


  • sign up for AWS, create an access token for your user, and write a boto configuration file.
  • replace the vault.yml file with a file that provides the following variables:

    • ansible_vault_rds_master_password: a random password for your rds master user
    • ansible_vault_rds_master_username: your rds master user's name
  • run ansible-playbook -i inventory-prod cloud-env.yml
  • run ansible-playbook -i inventory-prod mastodon.yml