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Sico: Rockie's Robot Butler


sico will soon be installable via MELPA. Otherwise you can add this directory to your load-path and (require 'sico).


Basic Usage

  • src_emacs-lisp[:exports code]{(customize-group 'sico)}

    • At the bare minimum, customize sico-rooms and sico-users
  • You may also want to customize matrix-homeserver-base-url
  • M-x sico-start will connect Sico to the Matrix homeserver and begin polling for events


Customizing the Note Taker

The note taker is a simple wrapper around org-capture, which gives you a nice simple wedge with which to get your way in to an org-mode document

Begin by defining a capture-template:

(add-to-list 'org-capture-templates
               "Automatic note taking using Sico"
               (file org-default-notes-file)
               "* %c :NOTE:NOEXPORT:"
               :immediate-finish t))

The important bits here are:

  • The usage of %c, which will be expanded to the head of the kill-ring. Sico stores the note in there as an easy way to push it in to Org-Mode.
  • The usage of :immediate-finish t, since Sico is not helping you do interactive things over Matrix, you need to make sure the Capture dialog doesn't stay open.

Do read the Org-Mode documentation on Capture Tepmlates ((info "org#Capture templates") inside of Emacs), as it is quite helpful.

New Listeners

Creating new listeners is fairly trivial. Create a function which takes a single argument, which is the sexp representation of a room event. It can do whatever you want it to do with that event, for a minimal example, see the source for sico-capture-note.

Once you have your function defined, add a cons to the alist sico-listeners where the car is the regexp that will match the event, and the cdr is the symbol for the function you've just defined.


To submit patches:

  • Clone the repo
  • Create a git branch, code in a branch.
  • When you're done, send me a git format-patch style patch

    • git format-patch --to master..HEAD > YOURBRANCHNAME.patch
    • Mail that patch to me at, and I will integrate it.

      • Or send it to me on Matrix, I'm

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See LICENSE in the root of the repository for legal information.