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@ -26,8 +26,9 @@ This project is a repository of [[https://orgmode.org/][Org Mode]] formatted doc
- [[file:inotify-tools.org][Rebuilding Arcology DB Automatically]]
- [[file:arcology_page.org][Arcology Page Module]]
- cached pandoc output for page and links (with invalidation)
- [[file:link_routers.org][Arcology Link Routers]] with support for local development routing
- local/cce/cce.html -> cce.arcology.garden/cce.html for example
- [[file:link_routers.org][Arcology Link Routers]] rewrite org-mode links to key paths with support for local development routing
- =ARCOLOGY_KEY: cce/cce= -> =localhost:4000/cce/cce.html= -> =cce.arcology.garden/cce.html= for example
- [[file:arcology_media_store.org][Arcology Media Store]] is a simple Key/Value store for images and docs in the Arcology.
- [[file:page_controller.org][Org Mode Page Controller]]
- Endpoint to update the arcology-db

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#+TITLE: Arcology Media Store
#+ROAM_ALIAS: Arcology.MediaStore
Arcology Media Store is a simple OTP application acting as a Key/Value store, where the key is the URL to a media artifact as presented in the [[file:../org-mode.org][org-mode]] text, and the value is a tuple of ={render_url, file_path}=