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+* Selling a bunch of hobby toys                                      :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 06:52]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 06:40]
+tl;dr: I am getting rid of a bunch of toys I don't have the money or time to use.
+- DJI F550 clone hexacopter for 300$ http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1457067720.0-note.html 
+- Arcas HV high power rocket for 75$ http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1457068200.0-note.html
+- Nike Smoke high power rocket for 100$ http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1457070300.0-note.html
+- 6 fin high power rocket for 75$ http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1457070360.0-note.html
+- Binder Design Sentinal high power rocket for 100$ http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1457070420.0-note.html
+- Black Brant X Kit for 75$ http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1457070180.0-note.html
+When I moved out here, I had hoped I would use these, that I could have the time and energy to drive
+down to Mountain View or out to Stockton to make NAR launches happen. I, unfortunately, haven't.
+I've had a lot of fun building and flying high power rocketry, but it's incredibly difficult for me
+to afford flying them while I live in the Bay Area. I spend more than half my income on rent, and
+can't afford a monthly drive out [[http://www.lunar.org/events.shtml#ranch-launch-directions][past Stockton]] to be able to launch these rockets. I don't have the
+time or energy to wake up at 5am on a Saturday morning to drive out there or 7am to drive to
+Sunnyvale to fly my drone safely. I imagine when I have the time and money and am in a place where I
+have more workspace, I will be able to revisit the hobby but for now it's basically impossible.
+High Power Rocketry is super fun, and people who live in the area should get involved with
+[[http://www.lunar.org/][LUNAR]]. I'm not super interested in bargaining with people on these; they are already getting listed
+for waaaaay under what I bought them for.
+* For sale: 54mm Binder Design Sentinel model rocket          :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 05:47]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 05:11]
+I am selling my model rocketry equipment.
+This is a 54mm [[http://www.rocketreviews.com/binder-design-sentinel-54mm--by-a-jeffrey-goldstein.html][Binder Design Sentinel]], designed to be a dual-deploy for my NAR Level 2
+certification. It is a discontinued Binder Design model, which I purchased from a coworker and
+assembled. It has never been flown, but is fitted with a 54mm AeroPack motor retainer and has some
+sort of laundry inside of it.
+All in all, ready to fly, for 100$. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for local
+pickup in Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested. Flying this will
+require [[http://www.nar.org/][NAR]] or [[http://www.tripoli.org/][Tripoli]] level 1 certification. 
+I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.
+* For sale: 37mm 6 fin rocket                                 :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 05:46]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 05:22]
+I am selling my model rocketry equipment.
+This is a 37mm rocket, assembled and almost ready to fly which I purchased from a coworker's attic
+in Arizona. You will need to purchase fresh laundry for it, as the elastic cords seem quite
+brittle. I don't know its origins, or the designer, unfortunately.
+All in all, almost ready to fly, for 75$. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for
+local pickup in Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested. Flying this
+will require [[http://www.nar.org/][NAR]] or [[http://www.tripoli.org/][Tripoli]] level 1 certification.
+I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.
+* For sale: 54mm Black Brant II kit                           :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 05:43]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 05:30]
+I am selling my model rocketry equipment.
+[[https://publicmissiles.com/secure/images/BlackBrantXDataSheet.pdf][A Public Missles, Ltd Black Brant X kit]] -- the fins are G10 and the body is plastic. This was
+intended to be a NAR Level 2 dual deploy when I was comfortable with a less complex model. There was
+even some [[http://phonon.gsfc.nasa.gov/rocket/vehicle/vehicle.html][crazy ideas to put the Black Brant on top of a Nike stage 1]]. Oh well, maybe when I am
+older. It was purchased from an old coworker as a kit.
+I am selling this kit for 75$; you will need to purchase a new nose cone for it as I used it on my
+Binder Design sentinel. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for local pickup in
+Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested.  Flying this will require [[http://www.nar.org/][NAR]]
+or [[http://www.tripoli.org/][Tripoli]] level 2 certification.
+I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.
+* For sale: 54mm Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke                 :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 05:45]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 05:25]
+I am selling my model rocketry equipment.
+This is a 54mm [[https://www.polecat-aerospace.com/cart.php?target=product&product_id=36][Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke]]. It was originally intended to be a NAR Level 2 rocket,
+it could be flown as a Level 1 however. I have never flown it myself, as I wasn't interested in
+hiking two miles through the desert to retrieve it -- You'll want to fit it with a [[https://www.apogeerockets.com/Electronics_Payloads/Tender_Descender/Tender_Descender_HDPE?zenid=4487b4d8043746b6ec813830e113d72c][Tender Descender]]
+most likely, which I do not have. It has been primed with automotive primer, ready for a full
+coat of paint and is fitted with a 54mm AeroPack retainer and a full set of fire-safe laundry.
+All in all, ready to fly, for 100$. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for local
+pickup in Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested. Flying this will
+require [[http://www.nar.org/][NAR]] or [[http://www.tripoli.org/][Tripoli]] level 1 certification.
+I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.
+* For sale: 37mm Arcas HV Fibreglass model rocket             :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 05:10]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 05:02]
+I am selling my model rocketry equipment.
+First off, my Arcas HV Fiberglass rocket. It was my [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H3WqsX6PXk][NAR Level 1 certification]] rocket and is a
+delight to fly. It is [[https://www.madcowrocketry.com/2-6-thin-wall-fiberglass-arcas-hv/][this Madcow kit]] and has been primed with automotive primer, ready for a full
+coat of paint. The laundry is included, and it is fitted with a 37mm AeroPack motor retainer.
+All in all, ready to fly, for 75$. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for local
+pickup in Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested.  Flying this will
+require [[http://www.nar.org/][NAR]] or [[http://www.tripoli.org/][Tripoli]] level 1 certification. 
+I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.
+* For sale: AeroSky 550 hexacopter                            :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-03-04 Fri 05:02]
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+[2016-03-04 Fri 04:52]
+I am trying to get rid of a bunch of toys and hobby stuff that I don't have the time or money to
+fully enjoy.
+I am selling my hexacopter, a Chinese knockoff of the [[http://www.dji.com/product/flame-wheel-arf/feature][DJI F550]], for 300$ which is half of what you'd
+find it for on [[http://xheli.com][XHeli]] when it is in stock, and cheaper than on [[http://www.ebay.com/itm/AeroSky-RC-550-6Ch-Hexacopter-ARF-KIT-6x-Brushless-920KV-Motors-6x-40A-ESC-drone-/231842534825?hash=item35fae455a9:g:-t0AAOSwa-dWlM2r][Ebay]] as well. It is fun to fly, but in
+a city environment like Oakland it is not something I can easily do, myself. I used to drive down to
+San Jose to fly, but that costs way too much money to do often enough.
+Included is a battery as well as a few packs of extra propellers. It is ready to fly, transmitter
+and receiver included. It is line of site with no FPV functionality and you will need to [[https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/][register
+with the FAA]] to legally fly it. You'll need a balancing charger similar to [[http://www.xheli.com/thunder-ac6-charger-power.html][this one]], banana plugs.
+It can be shipped in the included box, but shipping costs will be on the purchaser; I prefer pick up
+in Oakland, CA. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested.
+* Apparently I had an evernote account still                  :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-02-23 Tue 19:33]
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+[2016-02-23 Tue 19:32]
+Guess I gotta close this out.
+* The Importance of Having a Tribe and a Third Place                 :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-02-13 Sat 22:13]
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+[2016-02-11 Thu 02:20]
+This year will mark three years since I got up and moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Oakland,
+California. It's been a long and exhausting set of years, some of the hardest that I have had, but
+it has been an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. I have met amazing people, forged
+close relationships that will last the rest of my life, and had the privilege of working with some
+of the smartest people I have met on a project that has improved urban life around the world.
+But I lost a lot coming out here. Not many people I know now know that I spent three months homeless
+in Oakland, occasionally living in a warehouse on 15th and Webster with no income and too much
+depression to fix that easily. Not many people know that my move out here and the stress involved in
+relocating caused my relationship with my best friend to go to shit so far that it took us two years
+to reconcile and is a process still continuing.
+Most people do know that I am depressed though, that some days it is a very crippling situation for
+me. It has taken me years to start figuring out why this has happened to me, but I am coming to
+realize that a large portion of this is due to the fact that I lost my tribe when I left Arizona.
+Neotribalism or modern tribalism is a sociological concept which postulates that human beings have
+evolved to live in tribal society, as opposed to mass society, and thus will naturally form social
+networks constituting new "tribes."
+I used to believe that things like neotribalism were goofy things, that we as a society could and
+should be a single mass; this whole adventure has changed that about me. I used to decry the
+insularity of tribes that formed within the open source community, but over time I have realized
+that that was simply my dislike of insularity, not a natural factor of tribes in and of
+themselves. I don't believe that tribal membership is set in stone, that you "roll with" the same
+people for your entire social life; indeed, they are overlapping friend circles, a venn-diagram of
+peer groups that always ensure you are forging new experiences.
+In Arizona, I had a tribe of sorts, [[http://heatsynclabs.org][HeatSync Labs]] a wonderful hackerspace in Mesa, a mere bus ride
+and light rail ride from my university dorms. This community became a second family, of sorts, and
+it was constantly changing due to the way to community was structured. People came, people left, but
+we were brought together by a shared vision of a cool place that people could safely make and build
+whatever the hell they wanted to, so long as they did not harm another member. The physical space
+exists in a storefront on Main Street, in downtown Mesa, where hundreds of people a week walk past
+and can wander in, ask what the hell is going on, and maybe stay and learn to solder or program. It
+is hardly a perfect community and since I've left the space seems to have closed in around itself,
+which is a terrible shame, but few communities are as close and familial as the community I had in
+HeatSync functioned as a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_place][third place]] perfectly, and gave me a sense of community that kept me
+meeting new people and forging new experiences. It wasn't even about getting there, necessarily, the
+online space functioned alongside of the physical space to provide a sense of community even when I
+was not physically there.
+I lost that community and space when I moved out here. The hackerspaces in San Francisco are nice,
+but due to the tech-centric nature of San Francisco and the bay area as a whole, there is less of a
+need for a general purpose hackerspace community, and as a result much of the bay area hackerspace
+scene seems politically motivated, as a system almost to rebel against the technology industry. I am
+not interested in that, terribly. I want to improve my community but I don't think that
+anti-capitalist tendencies are the way to go about that. Of course, the tech scene can be just as
+myopic at times, and so I have struggled to find a group that feels like community to me, a group
+that wouldn't stop talking to me if I quit my job next week.
+And it has been fucking hard to find that. When I was first starting to make plans to come out here,
+my friend Brian Shaler spent a long time trying to get me to stay. One thing he told me resonates
+strongly with how I have come to view the bay area hacker community:
+The Arizona meetup scene is about people who build cool things in their spare time and get together
+to show it all off to each other. The San Francisco meetup scene is about pitching your startup idea
+and hoping the person you are explaining it to is your next investor or cofounder.
+I shrugged it off at the time, but as I went to more and more meetups out here I start to take it as
+fact, and have given myself a rule about attending tech meetups out here: if it is sponsored by or
+hosted at a startup, I won't go. As you can imagine, this has vastly narrowed the set of meetups I
+am able to go to, since there is not really a good general use event space for informal meetups to
+take place at. 
+I used to go to [[http://oaklandjs.com/][Oakland JS]] which is a great meetup full of wonderful people, but the location leads
+to little more than drinking, which is another thing that I have struggled with since coming out
+here, everyone in my social circles drink all the god damn time, it seems like. And so I stopped
+doing that and started, until I became too depressed recently to keep it rolling, hosting [[http://meetup.com/Emacs-SF][Emacs SF]]
+meetups as a way to bring together a bunch of like-minded folks around a thing as goofy as our
+choice of writing environment. This has been a great experience but has sort of failed to reach a
+critical mass so far and it is sort of shelved until I can figure out what to do with it. The most
+promising group I have found to align myself with over the last few months has been the [[http://indiewebcamp.com][IndieWebCamp]]
+movement. Unsiloing and owning your own data and destiny are things I care deeply about, and this
+group has been open and friendly, and even have a local meetup,the Homebrew Website Club, where we
+just talk about IndieWeb happenings, and work on our websites. It's fucking dope. All in all,
+though, I need more positive communities like this in my life. I have thought about starting up a
+meetup similar to the HWC for the local [[http://matrix.org][Matrix.org]] community, but shepherding another local
+community right now is not something that I can think of handling.
+If there is one thing that I have learned as key to surviving in this crazy fucking place, its to
+make sure you have friends and a sense of place that isn't work. Work can change in a day, and it is
+important to make sure that if it does, you don't lose your line of contact with the real-world. It
+has taken me a long time to figure this out and come to terms with it.
+* Another homebrew website club meeting (@ Mozilla San Francisco in San Francisco, CA) :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-02-11 Thu 02:17]
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+[2016-02-11 Thu 02:13]
+See the checkin [[https://www.swarmapp.com/rrrrrrrix/checkin/56bbee95498e403a7c164e75?s=6wN9g7gG26kn33qlSCi-yJJzob8][on Swarm]]
+* Meetup Cancelled: Coffee.el                                        :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-02-07 Sun 22:26]
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+[2016-02-07 Sun 22:25]
+Coffee.el, scheduled to occur on Saturday, February 13, 2016 1:00 PM has been cancelled, as well as
+future Coffee.el events.
+As members of the group have noticed, coffee.el and Emacs-SF as a whole have sort of faded out of
+the collective consciousness; on a personal front work has been a huge time sync for me since
+mid-November and as a whole, the "core" folks pushing this group forward seem to be in a similar
+position. This starts to taper off for me in about a month or so, but I've been reminded that this
+recurring event has been on the calendar without a location or an owner and I've removed it until it
+can reliably have either.
+As always, Emacs-SF is an open group -- if folks want to get together and meet, in a conversational
+format or presentaional format, don't hesitate to reach out to me to put something on the calendar.
+As for keeping some semblance of community during the down-season, we still have the [[http://discourse.emacsconf2015.org/c/user-groups/emacs-sf][Emacsconf
+discourse group]] which we can use as a sort of email list/rich text forum. I'd encourage folks to hop
+in to there and build the community we want to see happen.
+* Rethinking how I store and process Quantified Self data
+CLOSED: [2016-02-07 Sun 22:26]
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+[2016-01-27 Wed 18:24]
+As I have written in the past, I feel like 2016 will be the year that I pull more and more of my
+data in to my own control. I have made great strides in this direction but a lot of work has to come
+to make this really meaningful this year.
+A chunk of making sure this happens is putting the data in my control in some meaningful
+fashion. Having a blog of files under 20 different formats isn't going to work so well for me, after
+all, if I can't easily make sense of it all. Of course, there are probably some cloud services
+around that will make it simple to graph or whatever, but that isn't my style, and I should have
+some simple scripts written up to make sense of my data in a way that is most useful to me.
+The way that I have done this for personal data in the past has been to route it through Org-mode
+using [[https://github.com/novoid/Memacs#start-of-content][Memacs]] to process data streams in to Org-mode headings, and then leveraging either custom
+agendas or property tables to process the data in interesting fashions.
+This is nice, but it requires some pretty hefty horsepower to process a large amount of data; for
+example, it can take 
+* I am at [[https://foursquare.com/v/mozilla-san-francisco/4e1c9853c65bc4a776bc60dc][ @MozillaSF]] for the [[http://indiewebcamp.com/events/2016-01-27-homebrew-website-club][Homebrew Website Club]]                  :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-28 Thu 01:52]
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+[2016-01-28 Thu 01:50]
+Tonight I'm going to start working on refactoring my org-mode blog to support more microformats in a
+sane  fashion.
+* How to [[https://indiewebcamp.com/User:Notes.whatthefuck.computer#Edit_the_IWC_wiki_with_Emacs][Edit the IndieWebCamp wiki with Emacs]]                       :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-26 Tue 23:47]
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+[2016-01-26 Tue 23:46]
+A little thing I put together when trying to get the IndieWebCamp wiki working in mediawiki.el. Will
+have to pull this in to CCE when I have the time, but for now it is here and it is %.
+* [[https://soundcloud.com/terminal11/replacement-live-convolution-f8-in-san-francisco][Bits of the dope-ass set]] that @Terminal11 played at F8 (via @NicolaSegall) :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-25 Mon 00:52]
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+[2016-01-25 Mon 00:50]
+https://soundcloud.com/terminal11/replacement-live-convolution-f8-in-san-francisco I am all about this.
+* It seems like my [[http://www.pvv.org/~hakonhal/main.cgi/keyboard][arensito experiment]] is over :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-24 Sun 23:39]
+:Attachments: planck-rainbow.jpg
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+[2016-01-24 Sun 17:52]
+For the last few weeks, my main keyboard has been an [[http://orthlinearkeyboards.com][Ortholinear
+Keyboards Planck]], as it is a goregous little keyboard that fits in my daybag and mostly feels
+solid; It is quite dense due to the fact that the case is aluminium panel. That is pretty easy to
+fix with a 3D printer and a few hours on OnShape, I just need to get around to printing out a
+plastic case for it.
+But this isn't meant to be a review of the planck, though I should write one of those up. This is
+about the keyboard layout I have been trying to learn.
+Arensito is a great keyboard layout, built for the Kinesis Advantage with a focus on programming
+(mainly C-style languages) and a distinct symbol layer, which incidentally makes it a great fit for
+a small non-staggered board like the Planck. The planck is also built with layering in mind, with
+the keyboard design essentially forcing you to put at least three layers on each key (regular,
+shifted and symbols). It is really great if you can figure out how to rewire your brain to learn
+it. It shares little in common with qwerty, as Colemak does, which makes the learning curve, well,
+I spent two weeks with low productivity at work, hopping between an Arensito layout with blank
+keycaps and my Ergodox with a qwerty layout, but today I picked up my
+[[https://www.massdrop.com/buy/npkc-rainbow-keycaps?mode=guest_open][NPKC Rainbow Keycaps]] from
+Massdrop. I didn't realize until, well, yesterday, that I had purchased keycaps that were
+[[https://deskthority.net/wiki/Keyboard_profile#OEM_profile][OEM profiled]] and had key legends
+printed on them. The end result is gorgeous as above, but it basically restricts me to QWERTY or a
+layout which puts each key on the same row, which is not super useful.
+With that in mind I, well, switched back to qwerty. It is a known-shitty layout, but overall
+arensito has hindered my productivity enough that switching back to qwerty is really my only sane
+Some things I've learned during this experiment:
+- Learning a new keyboard layout can really only work if you go all in. There are no android soft
+  keyboards that support arensito and it turns out that it is almost impossible to build a custom
+  keyboard layout on Android. AnySoftKeyboard seems to be the easiest -- you 'just' create an XML
+  file and then use an Eclipse project template to generate an APK that ASK can load. No 3rd party
+  keyboard on the market supports Arensito out of the box as far as I can tell. If I had one, I
+  probably could have retrained my brain a lot quicker, but I was fighting an uphill battle as long
+  as my phone and computer used different layouts. Of course I could just stop using Android, I
+  guess... ;)
+- The idea of a dedicated symbol layer is something worth keeping. My current planck configuration
+  is the standard qwerty layer, with the Arensito symbol layer on the 'upper' layer and system
+  controls and function keys on the 'lower' layer. The Arensito symbol is interesting because the
+  numbers dont take the top row, they are l-shaped hanging off the bottom row. You should check out
+  the layout, it is very nice and I wish I could use the whole thing easily.
+- While profiled keycaps are nice, they really only work sanely if you have a 'normal' keyboard or
+  buy them individually. Buying a pack like this on Massdrop just leads to a bit of a hodgepodge as
+  you can see in the image above. For example, literally the only 2U (Two standard keycaps
+  wide) keycap on the 87 key set that it comes with is the backspace, which is out of place. There
+  isn't a good R3 key to use as the 1U enter key, so my enter key's 1) a function key, 2) a different
+  profile than the rest of the keys on that row.
+* Just pushed =matrix-client.el= 0.3.0                               :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-19 Tue 00:04]
+:ID:       5174def8-4a3e-416d-a8d5-000192f94376
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/689239037719085056
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153930372093856
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-24 Sun 23:41>
+[2016-01-18 Mon 15:34]
+I [[http://whatthefuck.computer/blog/2016/01/18/matrix-client.el-0.3.0/][added]] HTML rendering of =org.matrix.custom.html= matrix events which are used by Vector's markdown
+feature, primarily. There is no support for sending HTML messages from this thing right now, I may
+add that in the future.
+Also new in this release is a connection watchdog; Previously, if you went offline, you would just
+silently be disconnected from the event stream. What's worse is that if you reconnected, you would
+still be able send messages that wouldn't echo back to you! The new feature starts a timer that runs
+at twice the rate of the maximum event stream timeout. what this means is that if you leave the
+default 30 second event stream call timeout intact, after 60 seconds the watchdog timer will run and
+see if there have been any callbacks from the event stream. If there have not been, it will attempt
+to re-connect the event stream and get you back online.
+As always, let me know on Matrix or via email if you have issues with the release. 
+* Lostpass: Pixel-perfect lastpass phishing                          :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-17 Sun 05:52]
+:ID:       e4d803f3-9899-4c65-ad0c-3c42b5d05626
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-17 Sun 05:53>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/688601343150260224
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153926139038856
+[2016-01-17 Sun 05:50]
+Uh, welp: [[https://www.seancassidy.me/lostpass.html][Lostpass]]. These are the sorts of things that moved me on to [[http://passwordstore.org][pass]] and now towards
+[[https://www.tindie.com/products/limpkin/mooltipass-offline-password-keeper/][mooltipass]]. Can't be helped.
+* Read [[https://twitter.com/ianweller/status/688066064756781057][Protect yourself with a smart card]]                       :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-15 Fri 20:08]
+:ID:       b9e3cd80-ac24-476c-95da-91add434aaf1
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-15 Fri 20:08>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/688090667696799744
+[2016-01-15 Fri 19:59]
+My good buddy Ian [[https://ianweller.org/blog/2016/01/ssh-smart-card/][documents his smartcard setup]], which is very similar to mine. It is really nice to
+be able to trust that my work SSH keys can't be easily compromised and that I can leave my work
+machine at the office and get in to production if something is on fire and all I have is my
+Chromebook and my BCS's Raspberry Pi.
+* Starting to curate a Twitter list of people decentralizing things. :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-10 Sun 22:58]
+:ID:       9a9018e7-1596-4060-97a3-79472b19d9cc
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-10 Sun 23:01>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/686322356038443008
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153910682433856
+[2016-01-10 Sun 22:53]
+[[https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/lists/redecentralize][I wish there was a decentralized way to do this]]... Let me know who I am forgetting.
+Basically a list of people who are doing cool things in the space, currently focused on [[http://indiewebcamp.com][#IndieWeb]]
+and [[http://matrix.org][Matrix]] which I consider two of most important decentralization projects right now.
+* Wow [[https://twitter.com/trklou/status/682138011723759617][@trklou]]'s CCC talk is powerful. [[https://media.ccc.de/v/32c3-7246-free_software_and_hardware_bring_national_sovereignty][Watch it.]]                      :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-10 Sun 07:46]
+:ID:       96115d9d-4165-463a-a055-3312dbbd9083
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-10 Sun 07:47>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/686092471089020928
+This talk is my favourite CCC talk so far.
+* Watch [[https://media.ccc.de/v/32c3-7386-crypto_wars_part_ii][Crypto Wars Part II]]                                          :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-10 Sun 05:34]
+:ID:       f17dc2b5-6254-4945-9104-495c06fc27ad
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-10 Sun 05:36>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/686059143443054592
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153909106933856
+Another good CCC talk about government and public rhetoric about encryption. It's something we need
+to start fighting against, and I have some thoughts on that that'll go on my long-form soon.
+* Read [[https://media.ccc.de/v/32c3-7340-collect_it_all_open_source_intelligence_osint_for_everyone][Collect It All: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Everyone]] :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-10 Sun 02:30]
+:ID:       bb0c011f-03d9-444f-aeae-86d200de9bd9
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-10 Sun 05:36>
+[2016-01-10 Sun 02:29]
+This is a really powerful. There's a bit at the end about aaronsw during the questions too :|
+* Read [[http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/12/28/age-of-empires-2-forgotten-empires/][How A Mod Team Helped Age Of Empires 2 Thrive]]                 :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-10 Sun 01:47]
+:ID:       65cfb167-94c4-456e-b9fd-c4818ec8b0ac
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-10 Sun 05:36>
+[2016-01-10 Sun 01:13]
+* Watch [[https://media.ccc.de/v/32c3-7174-lifting_the_fog_on_red_star_os#video&t=3411][Lifting the Fog on Red Star OS]]                               :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-10 Sun 00:25]
+:ID:       795abbd5-44e1-484f-8f27-198090692f8e
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-10 Sun 00:26>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/685981320598573056
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/rjrix/posts/10153908680503856
+[2016-01-10 Sun 00:21]
+Very interesting breakdown of North Korea's Fedora-based operating system...
+* Has the @EFF or anyone thought about making a minimal TAILS or Raspbian image just for GPG key setup? :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-09 Sat 22:08]
+:ID:       28dd3f79-68a2-407d-b431-d58353b5eecd
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-09 Sat 22:11>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/685947571831877632
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153908484233856
+[2016-01-09 Sat 21:43]
+I am envisioning a small Rasbian image that supports the [[https://www.adafruit.com/products/2441][Adafruit PiTFT]], boots to a script that
+walks you through setting up the following:
+- Generating a secure master key
+- Backing it up to cold storage
+- Generating subkeys
+- Backing those up
+- Exporting the keys to a smartcard to be used
+Afterwards, you destroy the Micro SD card and secure the master and the subkeys in a cold storage.
+The basis would be something like [[https://github.com/flamsmark/documentation/blob/master/gpg/smartcard-keygen.md][the smartcard setup]] by [[https://tomlowenthal.com/][Tom Lowenthal]], or another similar setup.
+* Fixed a weird interaction issue i was having in #Emacspeak         :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-04 Mon 21:47]
+:ID:       65c21053-e99e-4bd6-9964-c829361aaa69
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-04 Mon 21:47>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/684130173751398401
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153897736778856
+[2016-01-04 Mon 21:43]
+The combination of =ido-flx=, =smex=, and =emacspeak= seems to be really good at causing errors,
+when you hit RET to call the last thing you called in smex. Essentially, it was trying to remove
+text-properties from a read only object, and getting this behavior repaired proved to be
+non-trivial. I have worked around it for now, with the follow advise, but it'd be neat to track it
+down properly.
+#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
+(defadvice ido-exit-minibuffer (around emacspeak-no-personality first)
+  "Disable voice lock on ido-exit; causes an error."
+  (ad-deactivate 'remove-text-properties)
+  ad-do-it
+  (ad-activate 'remove-text-properties))
+(ad-activate 'ido-exit-minibuffer)
+* Read [[https://matrix.org/blog/2016/01/04/synapse-0-12-released/][Matrix Synapse 0.12 released]]                                  :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-04 Mon 18:37]
+:ID:       e0aa4275-bbc2-4948-83f0-1686d5ba3ad6
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-04 Mon 18:38>
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+CLOCK: [2016-01-04 Mon 18:35]--[2016-01-04 Mon 18:37] =>  0:02
+[2016-01-04 Mon 18:24]
+I'm pretty pumped about this release; the addition of guest accounts and invites to third party IDs
+makes it easier and easier to onboard friends and family in to Matrix.
+Of course, this means I need to update [[http://doc.rix.si/matrix.html][matrix-client.el]] to the r0 APIs...
+* I got @sonic_pi working with BCS                            :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-04 Mon 08:32]
+:Attachments: IMG_20160104_071530.jpg
+:ID:       a61e0bda-da59-45e2-9e99-f1e4205058f2
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-04 Mon 08:30>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/683929705553084417
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153896497233856
+I got [[http://sonic-pi.net][Sonic Pi]] working with my Body Computing System and its external deck. Right now it does little
+more than show how poor I am with music, however having it integrated in to my core setup in a
+reproduceable fashion means that I will be able to do more musical things in my downtime. Between
+this and the [[http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/1451543580.0-note.html][pair of analog synths]] I have, I will have the opportunity to make some neat music
+in 2016.
+It will be interesting to see all these things blend together -- I would love to be able to do live
+performance using the BCS system, with or without the deck attached to it, and to feed external
+audio in to this system, like from LSDJ or from the Korgs' ribbon synths.
+* What does it want??                                         :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-04 Mon 03:29]
+:ID:       8781479c-2304-49d2-b5a7-4a5b50bddbd1
+:Attachments: screenshot.png
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-04 Mon 03:30>
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/683853455438434306
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153896097093856
+Apparently [[http://sonic-pi.net/][Sonic-Pi]] uses JACK and I am afraid for what is ahead.
+* I pushed my #IndieWeb notes generator (the thing creating these posts) http://fort.kickass.systems:10082/cgit/personal/rrix/pub/mfblog.git/tree/ :EXPORT:
+CLOSED: [2016-01-04 Mon 03:09]
+:ID:       e053ea25-40a7-4754-8aef-41ac14fbfcf3
+:PUBDATE:  <2016-01-04 Mon 03:11>
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10153896068738856
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/683848348684558336
+[2016-01-04 Mon 03:07]
+[[http://fort.kickass.systems:10082/cgit/personal/rrix/pub/mfblog.git/tree/][It]]'s rough, raw and gross, but it works for me, and maybe it'll work for someone else. 
 * The TTY Demystified should be required reading                     :EXPORT:
 CLOSED: [2016-01-04 Mon 00:09]
@@ -214,6 +864,8 @@ CLOSED: [2015-12-28 Mon 05:24]
 :ID:       c414a01b-46d6-4aea-954d-7ebd01e1dd25
 :PUBDATE:  [2015-12-28 Mon 05:24]
 :RSS_PERMALINK: 1451280240.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/685947365065281536
 CLOCK: [2015-12-28 Mon 05:11]--[2015-12-28 Mon 05:24] =>  0:13
@@ -224,3 +876,4 @@ anymore. On the one hand, [[https://dumbphonelandia.tumblr.com/][my experiences]
 I still need "smart" aspects given my reliance on services like Uber which do not work via SMS
 (barring incomplete hackathon projects like [[https://devblog.uber.com/hackathon-building-to-make-a-difference/][Textber]].)

+ 2 - 2

@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ href=\"http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/index.xml\">RSS</a>.</p>"
   :group 'mfblog)
 (defcustom mfblog:publish-config '(
-                                   :rss-image-url "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/658557342846353410/pqUcaLqV_400x400.jpg"
+                                   :rss-image-url "http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/~rrix/25ZLKRlf.jpg"
                                                   :html-link-home "http://notes.whatthefuck.computer"
                                                   :html-link-use-abs-url t
                                                   :rss-extension "xml"
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ href=\"http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/index.xml\">RSS</a>.</p>"
                        (mfblog:plist-merge '(:base-directory "~/Projects/notes" :base-extension "org" :publishing-function (org-rss-publish-to-rss) :exclude ".*" :include ("index.org"))
                (append '("notes_other")
-                       (mfblog:plist-merge '(:base-directory "/var/tmp/mfblog" :base-extension "js\\|html\\|jpg\\|gif\\|png" :publishing-function (org-publish-attachment))
+                       (mfblog:plist-merge '(:base-directory "/var/tmp/mfblog" :base-extension "JPG\\|js\\|html\\|jpg\\|gif\\|png" :publishing-function (org-publish-attachment))
     (copy-file "~/Projects/notes/webmention.js" "/var/tmp/mfblog/webmention.js" t)
     (copy-file "~/Projects/notes/go.png" "/var/tmp/mfblog/go.png" t)

+ 2 - 8

@@ -172,16 +172,10 @@ ul.webmentions li > a {   width: 350px;
         <div id="postamble" class="status">
             <div class="h-card p-author">
                 <div style="display: inline-block; width: 20%">
-                    <img style="width: 100%;" class="u-photo" src="https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/658557342846353410/pqUcaLqV_400x400.jpg"/>
+                    <img style="width: 100%;" class="u-photo" src="http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/~rrix/25ZLKRlf.jpg"/>
                 <div style="display: inline-block; width: 75%" class="p-note">
-                    <span class="p-name">Ryan Rix</span> is a computer infrastructure fanboy who
-                    dabbles in decentralized systems. Reach him
-                    on <a href="http://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix" rel="me" class="u-url">twitter as
-                    @rrrrrrrix</a>, via email to <a href="mailto:ryan@whatthefuck.computer"
-                    class="u-email" rel="me">ryan@whatthefuck.computer</a> or
-                    on <a rel="me" href="https://facebook.com/rjrix">Facebook</a> or on Matrix
-                    as <span rel="me" class="u-uid">@rrix:whatthefuck.computer</span>.
+                    <span class="p-name">Ryan Rix</span> is a computer infrastructure fanboy who dabbles in decentralized systems. Reach him on <a href="http://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix" rel="me" class="u-url">twitter as @rrrrrrrix</a>, via email to <a href="mailto:ryan@whatthefuck.computer" class="u-email" rel="me">ryan@whatthefuck.computer</a> or on <a rel="me" href="https://facebook.com/rjrix">Facebook</a> or on Matrix as <span rel="me" class="u-uid">@rrix:whatthefuck.computer</span>.