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@ -299,7 +299,13 @@ def make_feed_entries(site_key: str, session):
return ret
** NEXT [[id:arcology/arroyo-page][Arroyo Arcology Generator]] for =ARCOLOGY_FEED= keys
** INPROGRESS [[id:arcology/arroyo-page][Arroyo Arcology Generator]] for =ARCOLOGY_FEED= keys
:ID: 20221228T183435.210299
- State "INPROGRESS" from "NEXT" [2023-01-24 Tue 22:25]
All of this becomes much simpler with a [[id:arcology/arroyo-page][Arroyo Arcology Generator]] schema like, maybe, this:
@ -314,3 +320,9 @@ All of this becomes much simpler with a [[id:arcology/arroyo-page][Arroyo Arcolo
then things like =select(Feed.key, Feed.title).where( == "lionsrear")= is trivial.
Port this code to use [[id:arcology/arroyo/feed][arcology.arroyo.Feed]], something like:
select(arroyo.Page).where(arroyo.Page.site_key==site_key) -> file