Ryan Rix 4 years ago

+ 85 - 75

@@ -223,12 +223,13 @@ cache. If PREVIEW is non-nil, skip publishing."
                                 (entry (lax-plist-get entry-list
-                           (format "<div class=\"h-entry\"><i class=\"icon-%s\" aria-hidden=true></i> <span class=\"p-name\">%s</span> <a class=\"u-url\" href=\"%s\"><time class=\"dt-published\" datetime=\"%s\">%s</time></a></div>"
+                           (format "<div class=\"h-entry\"><div class=\"row\"><i class=\"icon-%s\" aria-hidden=true></i><h2 style=\"display: inline\" class=\"p-name\">%s</h2> <a class=\"u-url\" href=\"%s\"><time class=\"dt-published\" datetime=\"%s\">%s</time></a></div><div class=\"row\">%s</div></div>"
                                    (replace-regexp-in-string ":" "" (prin1-to-string entry-type))
                                    (plist-get entry :title-html)
                                    (elt metadata 3)
                                    (arcology-format-time (elt metadata 4) t)
-                                   (arcology-format-time (elt metadata 4)))))
+                                   (arcology-format-time (elt metadata 4))
+                                   (plist-get entry :index-html))))
                        (cl-remove-if filterfun (reverse arcology-full-postlist)) "\n")
    :title arcology-index-title
    :title-html arcology-index-title
@@ -352,37 +353,17 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
            (point (point))
            (tags (org-get-tags-at))
            (entry-text (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry)))
-           (sub-cache-type (cond ((member "READ" tags) :read)
-                                 ((member "CHECKIN" tags) :checkin)
-                                 ((arcology-alist-get "P-RSVP" proptable) :rsvp)
-                                 ((arcology-alist-get "YOUTUBE-URL" proptable) :video)
-                                 ((member "REPLY" tags) :reply)
-                                 ((member "LIKE" tags) :like)
-                                 ((member "STEPS" tags) :step)
-                                 ;; ((member "EVENT" tags) :event)
-                                 ;; ((member "BOOKMARK" tags) :bookmark)
-                                 ;; ((member "REPOST" tags) :repost)
-                                 ((member "JAM" tags) :jam)
-                                 ((member "REVIEW" tags) :review)
-                                 ;; ((member "RSVP" tags) :rsvp)
-                                 ((and (member "ATTACH" tags)
-                                       (string-match-p "\\.[\(jpg\)\|\(png\)\|\(gif\)]+$"
-                                                       (arcology-alist-get "ATTACHMENTS" proptable)))
-                                  :photo)
-                                 ((and (member "ATTACH" tags)
-                                       (string-match-p "\\.[\(ogv\)\|\(mp4\)\|\(mkv\)]+$"
-                                                       (arcology-alist-get "ATTACHMENTS" proptable)))
-                                  :video)
-                                 ((not (> (length entry-text) 0)) :note)
-                                 (t :article)))
+           (sub-cache-type (arcology-entry-type-at-point))
            (sub-cache (or (plist-get arcology-entry-cache sub-cache-type)
-                          (list))))
+                          (list)))
+           (index-html (arcology-index-snippet-for-entry-at-point)))
       (let ((res (list :title (replace-regexp-in-string "<.*> " "" title)
                        :title-html (replace-regexp-in-string "&lt;.*&gt;" "" (arcology-heading-to-html))
                        :length (length entry-text)
                        :buffer buffer
                        :point point
                        :properties proptable
+                       :index-html index-html
                        :created-at ctime)))
         (setq arcology-entry-cache
               (plist-put arcology-entry-cache sub-cache-type
@@ -390,6 +371,38 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
         (list sub-cache-type res)))))
+(defun arcology-entry-type-at-point ()
+  (cond ((member "READ" tags) :read)
+        ((member "CHECKIN" tags) :checkin)
+        ((arcology-alist-get "P-RSVP" proptable) :rsvp)
+        ((arcology-alist-get "YOUTUBE-URL" proptable) :video)
+        ((member "REPLY" tags) :reply)
+        ((member "LIKE" tags) :like)
+        ((member "STEPS" tags) :step)
+        ;; ((member "EVENT" tags) :event)
+        ;; ((member "BOOKMARK" tags) :bookmark)
+        ;; ((member "REPOST" tags) :repost)
+        ((member "JAM" tags) :jam)
+        ((member "REVIEW" tags) :review)
+        ;; ((member "RSVP" tags) :rsvp)
+        ((and (member "ATTACH" tags)
+              (string-match-p "\\.[\(jpg\)\|\(png\)\|\(gif\)]+$"
+                              (arcology-alist-get "ATTACHMENTS" proptable)))
+         :photo)
+        ((and (member "ATTACH" tags)
+              (string-match-p "\\.[\(ogv\)\|\(mp4\)\|\(mkv\)]+$"
+                              (arcology-alist-get "ATTACHMENTS" proptable)))
+         :video)
+        ((not (> (length entry-text) 0)) :note)
+        (t :article)))
+(defun arcology-index-snippet-for-entry-at-point ()
+  (cond ((> (length (if (org-attach-dir)
+                        (org-attach-file-list (org-attach-dir))
+                      '())) 0)
+         (arcology-add-image-content-at-point 10))
+        (t "")))
 (defun arcology-publish-entry-at-point (point)
   (interactive "d")
   (goto-char point)
@@ -458,21 +471,38 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
     (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-(defun arcology-add-image-content (entry)
+(defun arcology-add-image-content-at-point (&optional width)
   (let* ((id (org-id-get-create))
          (attach-dir (org-attach-dir))
          (file-list (if attach-dir
                         (org-attach-file-list attach-dir)
-                      '())))
-    (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-      (dolist (file file-list)
-        (let ((file- (concat attach-dir "/" file))
-              (newfile (concat arcology-site-root "/" id "-" file)))
-          (unless (file-exists-p newfile)
-            (copy-file file- newfile)
-            (set-file-modes newfile 420))
-          (insert "<img style=\"width: 100%\" src=\"" id "-" file "\" class=\"u-photo\"/><br/>")))
-      (buffer-string))))
+                      '()))
+         (real-width (cond (width width)
+                           ((= (length file-list) 1)
+                            100)
+                           ((= (length file-list) 2)
+                            49)
+                           (t 32))))
+    (concat
+     "<br/>"
+     (mapconcat (lambda (file)
+                  (let ((file- (concat attach-dir "/" file))
+                        (newfile (concat arcology-site-root "/" id "-" file)))
+                    (unless (file-exists-p newfile)
+                      (copy-file file- newfile)
+                      (set-file-modes newfile 420))
+                    (format "%s%s%s"
+                            (concat "<a href=\"" id "-" file "\">")
+                            (concat "<img style=\"width: "
+                                    (number-to-string real-width) "%\" src=\"" id "-" file "\" class=\"u-photo\"/>")
+                            "</a>")))
+                file-list
+                "\n"))))
+(defun arcology-add-image-content (entry &optional width)
+  (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
+    (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
+    (arcology-add-image-content-at-point width)))
 (defun arcology-plist-merge (&rest plists)
   "Merge a bunch of PLISTS together."
@@ -492,6 +522,12 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
       (arcology-alist-get "TIMESTAMP_IA" proptable)
       (arcology-alist-get "TIMESTAMP" proptable)))
+(defun arcology-entry-to-html (entry)
+  (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
+    (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
+    (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
+      (buffer-string))))
 (defun arcology-syndicate-entry-at-point (&optional no-twitter no-facebook)
   "Syndicate the org-mode entry at point, by calling out to Bridgy and storing the result."
@@ -533,15 +569,15 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
 (def-arcology-entry-generator article
 (def-arcology-entry-generator photo
-  #'arcology-add-image-content)
+  (lambda (entry)
+    (concat
+     (arcology-add-image-content entry)
+     (arcology-entry-to-html entry))))
 (def-arcology-entry-generator jam
   (lambda (entry)
     (let ((query (replace-regexp-in-string "<.*> " "" (plist-get entry :title)))
           (str (if (> (length (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry))) 0)
-                   (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                     (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                     (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                       (buffer-string)))
+                   (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
       (format "<a href=\"https://youtube.com/results?search_query=%s\">%s</a> on YouTube <p>%s</p>" query query str))))
@@ -551,10 +587,7 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
   (lambda (entry)
     (let ((properties (plist-get entry :properties))
           (str (if (> (length (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry))) 0)
-                   (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                     (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                     (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                       (buffer-string)))
+                   (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
       (format "<a class=\"u-in-reply-to\" href=\"%s\">In reply to %s</a>... <p>%s</p>"
               (arcology-alist-get "U-IN-REPLY-TO" properties)
@@ -564,10 +597,7 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
   (lambda (entry)
     (let ((properties (plist-get entry :properties))
           (str (if (> (length (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry))) 0)
-                   (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                     (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                     (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                       (buffer-string)))
+                   (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
       (format "<a class=\"u-like-of\" href=\"%s\">Ryan likes %s</a>... <p>%s</p>"
               (arcology-alist-get "U-LIKE-OF" properties)
@@ -578,10 +608,7 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
     (let* ((properties (plist-get entry :properties))
            (rsvp (arcology-alist-get "P-RSVP" properties))
            (str (if (> (length (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry))) 0)
-                    (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                      (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                      (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                        (buffer-string)))
+                    (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
       (format "<a class=\"u-in-reply-to\" href=\"%s\"><data class=\"p-rsvp\" value=\"%s\">Ryan %s %s</data></a>... <p>%s</p>"
               (arcology-alist-get "U-IN-REPLY-TO" properties)
@@ -600,10 +627,7 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
   (lambda (entry)
     (let* ((properties (plist-get entry :properties))
            (str (if (> (length (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry))) 0)
-                    (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                      (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                      (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                        (buffer-string)))
+                    (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
       (format "Ryan burnt <data class=\"p-calories\" value=\"%s\">%s calories</data> and walked <data class=\"p-distance\" value=\"%s\">%s</data> miles in <data class=\"p-steps\" value=\"%s\">%s steps</data> <p>%s</p>"
               (arcology-alist-get "CALORIES" properties)
@@ -639,10 +663,7 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
                              (concat "<video controls style=\"width: 100%\" src=\"" id "-" file "\" class=\"u-video\"/><br/>")))
                          file-list "\n")
               (if (> (length (arcology-clean-entry-text (org-get-entry))) 0)
-                  (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                    (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                    (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                      (buffer-string)))
+                  (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
 (def-arcology-entry-generator review
@@ -657,19 +678,8 @@ inferring the post type of a given entry."
       (format "%s%s%s%s"
-              (mapconcat
-               (lambda (file)
-                 (let ((file- (concat attach-dir "/" file))
-                       (newfile (concat arcology-site-root "/" id "-" file)))
-                   (unless (file-exists-p newfile)
-                     (copy-file file- newfile)
-                     (set-file-modes newfile 420))
-                   (concat "<img style=\"width: 100%\" src=\"" id "-" file "\" class=\"u-photo\"/><br/>"))
-                 ) file-list "\n")
-              (with-current-buffer (plist-get entry :buffer)
-                (goto-char (plist-get entry :point))
-                (with-current-buffer (org-html-export-as-html nil t nil t)
-                  (buffer-string)))
+              (arcology-add-image-content entry)
+              (arcology-entry-to-html entry)
               (format "I give this item a <data class=\"p-rating\" value=\"%s\">%s star</data> review out of 5 stars." rating rating)))))
 (provide 'arcology)

+ 48 - 4

@@ -89,7 +89,8 @@ img {
     display: none;
 body {
-     background: url("http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/c6745a85-db1c-4fcb-b284-0fcfd741dc86-12968024_10154175739683856_2042569012646513106_o.jpg");
+    font-family: "Alef";
+    background: url("http://notes.whatthefuck.computer/c6745a85-db1c-4fcb-b284-0fcfd741dc86-12968024_10154175739683856_2042569012646513106_o.jpg");
     background-size: cover;
 .wrap {
@@ -104,6 +105,7 @@ body {
+    font-family: "Rajdhani";
     padding-top: 0.2em;
     line-height: 1.2;
@@ -121,19 +123,29 @@ h1,h2,h3{
   border-radius: 5px;
   background-color: rgba(220,220,220,1);
   padding: 0.2em;
-  display: flex;
   align-items: center;
-.h-feed .h-entry * {
+.h-feed .hentry .row {
+  display: flex;
+.h-feed .h-entry .row * {
   flex: auto;
+.h-feed .h-entry .row h2 {
+  display: inline-flex;
+  font-size: 1em;
+  font-weight: 100;
 ul.webmentions li {
     display: flex;
     align-items: center;
-ul.webmentions li img {
+ul.webmentions li > img {
     border-radius: 50%;
     flex: 1 0 15%;
@@ -151,3 +163,35 @@ ul.webmentions li > a {
     text-indent: -9999px;
     flex: 3 1 10%;
+ul.webmentions li div img {
+    width: 100%;
+.e-description > img {
+    width: 49.5%;
+    display: inline-block;
+img.u-photo {
+    display: inline;
+@font-face {
+  font-family: 'Alef';
+  src: url('../font/Alef-Bold.ttf');
+  font-weight: bold;
+  font-style: normal;
+@font-face {
+  font-family: 'Alef';
+  src: url('../font/Alef-Regular.ttf');
+  font-weight: normal;
+  font-style: normal;
+@font-face {
+  font-family: 'Rajdhani';
+  src: url('../font/Rajdhani-Medium.ttf');
+  font-weight: Medium;
+  font-style: normal;








+ 232 - 0

@@ -3,6 +3,209 @@
+* Nervewire, a Matrix.org image deck                                 :EXPORT:
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465799340.0-note.html
+:ID:       27ca38a1-dfcf-43b8-9579-50f6f75b71c9
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/742244087110111232
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10154321982283856
+[2016-06-13 Mon 06:29]
+I run a small [[https://matrix.to/#/#cyberdelia:whatthefuck.computer][Matrix to RSS]] bot with a bunch of cool cyberpunk/scifi/glitch art blogs in it. It's a
+cool place to just dig through random art, but I also want to present it in other ways.
+One way is Nervewire, which coalesces all of these images from the room, and dumps them on to a page
+so that they can serve as a screensaver or wallpaper.
+My instance of Nervewire is hosted at [[http://whatthefuck.computer/~rrix/nervewire]] and hosts the
+aforemented Cyberdelia room. The code lives on my [[http://fort.kickass.systems:10082/cgit/personal/rrix/pub/nervewire.git/][cgit]].
+* The Master Grade RX-93 Nu Gundam is a fun build. #gunpla :EXPORT:REVIEW:ATTACH:
+:P-ITEM:   <a class="h-item" href="http://www.amazon.com/Bandai-Hobby-Gundam-Version-Counterattack/dp/B0091O17LM/">RX-93 Nu Gundam</a>
+:ID:       c98e59a8-aa27-40a8-b537-d22a0b97aea3
+:Attachments: 13257154_748311331975485_1642786161_n.jpg 13259533_573001256194640_598411016_n.jpg 13266835_686185944853705_1056237015_n.jpg 13329230_1345837112109402_1627215286_n.jpg 13394898_827416577392052_1316793791_n.jpg
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465421160.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740658206855159808
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10154309955168856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 21:26] 
+Along with [[./1465419600.0-note.html][Sazabi]], I built the RX-93 Nu Gundam, the other main suit from Char's
+Counterattack. Another absolutely wonderful piece of kit, which was fun to build. I had even more
+problems with the water slides here, there are a lot of small decals that rub off easily, and I need
+to figure out how to get a clearcoat done in my apartment.
+It's super detailed, it's well portioned and has a shitload of weapons, including the famed fin
+funnels. It even comes with its own Action Base, with connectors for the fin funnels, like in the
+shot above. I really love this MS, and I think the kit does a really good job on it. I see myself in
+a year or two building a set of weathered RX-93 and Sazabi, as they were in Char's Counterattack.
+* The Master Grade MSN-04 Sazabi is a wonderful #gunpla :EXPORT:REVIEW:ATTACH:
+:P-ITEM:   <a class="h-item" href="http://www.amazon.com/Bandai-Hobby-Sazabi-Version-Model/dp/B00EOEBG2Y">MG MSN-04 Sazabi</a>
+:ID:       06ff9d3c-1806-4c51-a83b-b6adb00256bb
+:Attachments: 13181526_1749226921988026_607909449_n.jpg 13257008_876858489090519_1323017172_n.jpg 13257123_627936497359554_625339855_n.jpg 13267526_645226788965625_38478036_n.jpg 13277697_1144820595548781_1261973313_n.jpg
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465419600.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740656370165288961
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10154309937228856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 21:00] 
+For those of you who are (un)lucky enough to follow me on [[http://instagram.com/rrrrrrrix][Instagram]], I have been working hard on a
+few #gunpla models in my free time, as time to down-wind and be creative. I've done a few large
+Master Grade mobile suits, including two of my favorite mobile suits, the first of which is the
+MSN-04 Sazabi, from the movie Char's Counterattack.
+In short, it's a great kit. It's heavy, but comes with a giant pile of weapons and water decals. I
+mostly got the decals on pretty well, though I feel like I really need to hit it with some clear
+coat. It certainly does NOT feel like a up-scale High Grade like [[./1463382300.0-note.html][Heavyarms]], it was a beautiful and
+incredibly detailed piece of kit, and I'd recommend you get one now.
+* Lunch outside of the @InternetArchive                       :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+:Attachments: iarchive.jpg
+:ID:       372edba3-f866-4bed-bebf-483e89b73722
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465419540.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740649848181915648
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10154309878233856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 20:59]
+Lunch outside of the @InternetArchive was great. Really excited for the rest of #DWebSummit.
+* Now @KevinMarks running a panel on p2p networks #DWebSummit :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+:Attachments: p2p-panel.jpg
+:ID:       fb1aa75e-6af8-4184-bfca-b6bdf10611b7
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465411920.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740617894396993536
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10154309581108856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 18:52]
+Now @KevinMarks is running a panel on p2p networks #DWebSummit
+* #DWebSummit @vgcerf Desirable properties of a self archiving web :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+:Attachments: vint-cerf-2.jpg
+:ID:       4a02f60d-2d13-4d4b-8ed1-4adf786eb764
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465404780.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740588006076125186
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10154309333543856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 16:53] 
+Previous slide included copyright, gain license to run old software, etc.
+* Vint Cerf is talking about lessons learnt from the first internet and what the second should look like :EXPORT:ATTACH:
+:Attachments: vint-cerf.jpg
+:ID:       d1ff921a-d7d5-4904-9a57-f770e6d7cf3d
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465403460.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740586801891414021
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10154309318788856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 16:31] 
+* I'm at the @InternetArchive for the Decentralized Web Summit       :EXPORT:CHECKIN:
+:CHECKIN-VENUE-ID: 4add18c8f964a520066421e3
+:ID:       040f4e8e-29f2-4895-b5d2-8f75fc967131
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1465402680.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/740579927439736832
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10154309230698856
+[2016-06-08 Wed 16:18] 
+Looking forward to chatting [[https://matrix.org][Matrix]] and [[https://indiewebcamp.com][IndieWeb]] with folks. :)
+* @torwegia ohhhhmyyygooddddd :REPLY:EXPORT:
+:U-IN-REPLY-TO: https://twitter.com/Torwegia/status/733120620951670785
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1463624700.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/733121626640777216
+:ID:       adb008f5-5610-456b-8fb9-bf57ae885f29
+[2016-05-19 Thu 02:25]
+* TIL Twitter blocks bots on t.co                                    :EXPORT:
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1463625420.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/733124950744162305 
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10154258615963856
+:ID:       f9695ea5-4906-4e55-b21d-4a8ec1ae943d
+[2016-05-19 Thu 02:37]
+The implications of this are kind of icky. 
+* Just gave a demo of Arcology at #indieweb Homebrew Website Club and no one laughed at me! :EXPORT:
+:RSS_PERMALINK: 1463624160.0-note.html
+:SYN-TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rrrrrrrix/status/733119181655171072
+:SYN-FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/10153834879468856/posts/10154258584613856
+:ID:       009a4941-091e-46cc-bbd4-fa0f7d6f8678
+[2016-05-19 Thu 02:16]
+* @BerlinWalrus Naw man, computers are bullshit.               :REPLY:EXPORT:
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+[2016-05-19 Thu 01:09]
+* I'm at another #indieweb homebrew website club!            :EXPORT:CHECKIN:
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+[2016-05-19 Thu 01:03]
+* Read [[Https://medium.com/@UberPubPolicy/uber-public-transit-changing-southern-californias-car-culture-540b2021091#.5e56zvaad][Uber + Public Transit: Changing Southern California’s Car Culture — Medium]] :EXPORT:READ:
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+[2016-05-18 Wed 20:23]
+This, in short, is why I do what I do. Growing up in Arizona without a car most of my adolescent
+life and in to University was incredibly difficult, and the lack of mobility was a big factor in my
+leaving. As a resident of Phoenix in 2012, it was an imperative that you own a car -- I used to wait
+a half our for taxis in the middle of summer to get to my job, twenty dollars a day spent to keep me
+from the 45C heat. Car ownership, even in Phoenix, felt immoral, that the cost and stress of
+single-occupant vehicle ownership was not something I could take part in, so I left and moved to
+somewhere where probably 3/4 of the places I go to are accessible via rapid transit, and the rest
+via busses. But car culture is pervasive, and people are averse to public transit even today, and
+even in the seemingly progressive bay area -- look at the push back on Cal HSR.
+A month ago I was in Phoenix, enjoying some time off work, catching up with friends, eating the food
+and drinking the coffee. Over the course of a week, I probably spent 100 dollars in total on Ubers
+which constituted half of my getting around; the other half was the light-rail. 
+And you know what? It was alright.
+* @torwegia I mean, the canon is that vibranium absorbs sound so that its stronger... not reflects it :REPLY:EXPORT:
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+[2016-05-16 Mon 18:17]
 * Completed my first Master Grade #gunpla              :EXPORT:REVIEW:ATTACH:
 :Attachments: IMG_20160515_211534.jpg IMG_20160515_233108%20(1).jpg IMG_20160515_233712%20(1).jpg
@@ -55,6 +258,7 @@ have to come back and hit it with a clear coat.
 * New signal identity                                                :EXPORT:
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 [2016-05-15 Sun 20:37]
@@ -64,6 +268,15 @@ New phone, new identity. My Identity on Signal is:
 05 af 55 4e 63 85 39 d6 47 53 16 b7 1d 98 db ad cf c8 d1 ad f3 22 b2 4f f7 c2 83 7a bd 69 f4 3c 34
+* @rrrrrrrix And the good news about going matrix-only is that I can still federate out to IRC and others at will. :REPLY:EXPORT:
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+[2016-05-12 Thu 17:18]
 * This whole Moxie/Signal thing...                                   :EXPORT:
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@@ -85,6 +298,13 @@ Meanwhile, the folks over at [[http://matrix.org/][Matrix]] are still plugging a
 protocol, an open community, a place that is willing to support people without complaining about how
 annoying real-live-honest-to-god users and usecases are without building a [[http://indiewebcamp.com/monoculture][monoculture]]. And that's
 the only place I'll be, when end-to-end chat hits and I can figure out how to wedge Olm in to Emacs.
+* tfw your leadership is completely anti-state                  :LIKE:EXPORT:
+:U-LIKE-OF: https://www.eff.org/who-has-your-back-2016#uber
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+[2016-05-05 Thu 21:02]
 * Finished the Real Grade RX-78 Gunpla                        :EXPORT:ATTACH:
 :Attachments: P5050071_1.jpg P5050072_1.jpg
@@ -245,6 +465,7 @@ I'll do anything to see the [[http://space.pizza][90s cool boys]] play.
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 [2016-04-23 Sat 08:21]
 * I am going to make every effort to go to the next #indieweb HWC 💟 :REPLY:EXPORT:
@@ -254,6 +475,7 @@ I'll do anything to see the [[http://space.pizza][90s cool boys]] play.
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 [2016-04-23 Sat 07:14]
@@ -275,6 +497,7 @@ Pretty nice place, wish I'd brought my hiking boots.
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 07:44]
 * @BerlinWalrus @Torwegia it's coming from Arcology my #indieweb blog-engine built in ... :REPLY:EXPORT:
@@ -283,6 +506,7 @@ Pretty nice place, wish I'd brought my hiking boots.
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 07:19] 
@@ -295,6 +519,7 @@ nice to always have the clickthrough to put more words
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 07:14]
 * @BerlinWalrus We'll need @Torwegia to be a razorgirl.        :REPLY:EXPORT:
@@ -303,6 +528,7 @@ nice to always have the clickthrough to put more words
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 06:58]
 * Today I bought a new bag                                           :EXPORT:
@@ -310,6 +536,7 @@ nice to always have the clickthrough to put more words
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 06:25]
@@ -333,6 +560,7 @@ some [[https://liveheroes.com/en/product/show/73963/3qJ2Z4AsB7KYzAxl4k4s][loud]]
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 06:05]
 * @huertanix Oh, yeah, it is. I haven't checked my email in like two weeks augh. :REPLY:EXPORT:
@@ -341,6 +569,7 @@ some [[https://liveheroes.com/en/product/show/73963/3qJ2Z4AsB7KYzAxl4k4s][loud]]
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 04:20]
 * Now that the base of Arcology is working, time to work on design...
@@ -348,6 +577,7 @@ some [[https://liveheroes.com/en/product/show/73963/3qJ2Z4AsB7KYzAxl4k4s][loud]]
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 [2016-04-22 Fri 01:01]
@@ -367,6 +597,7 @@ some [[https://liveheroes.com/en/product/show/73963/3qJ2Z4AsB7KYzAxl4k4s][loud]]
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 [2016-04-20 Wed 07:37]
 * Back on Signal (née E2E is a Ghetto)
@@ -419,6 +650,7 @@ refuses to support it in a way that isn't, again, a fucking totally shit user ex
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 [2016-04-19 Tue 23:57]