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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inkscape-extension xmlns="">
<_name>Hershey Text</_name>
<dependency type="executable" location="extensions"></dependency>
<dependency type="executable" location="extensions"></dependency>
<param name="tab" type="notebook">
<page name="render" _gui-text="Render">
<_param indent="1" name="splashTitle1" type="description" appearance="header" xml:space="preserve">
Hershey Text
<_param indent="2" name="splashTitle1b" type="description" xml:space="preserve">A tool to replace text with stroke fonts
Version 3.0, 2019-06-16
<param indent="1" name="fontface" type="enum" _gui-text="Font face: ">
<_item value="HersheySans1">Hershey Sans 1-stroke</_item>
<_item value="HersheySansMed">Hershey Sans medium</_item>
<_item value="HersheySerifMed">Hershey Serif medium</_item>
<_item value="HersheySerifMedItalic">Hershey Serif medium italic</_item>
<_item value="HersheySerifBold">Hershey Serif bold</_item>
<_item value="HersheySerifBoldItalic">Hershey Serif bold italic</_item>
<_item value="HersheyScript1">Hershey Script 1-stroke</_item>
<_item value="HersheyScriptMed">Hershey Script medium</_item>
<_item value="HersheyGothEnglish">Hershey Gothic English</_item>
<!-- Block below this are derived from fonts licensed under SIL Open Font License -->
<_item value="EMSAllure">EMS Allure</_item>
<_item value="EMSElfin">EMS Elfin</_item>
<_item value="EMSFelix">EMS Felix</_item>
<_item value="EMSNixish">EMS Nixish</_item>
<_item value="EMSNixishItalic">EMS Nixish Italic</_item>
<_item value="EMSOsmotron">EMS Osmotron</_item>
<_item value="EMSReadability">EMS Readability</_item>
<_item value="EMSReadabilityItalic">EMS Readability Italic</_item>
<_item value="EMSTech">EMS Tech</_item>
<!-- Block above this are derived from fonts licensed under SIL Open Font License -->
<_item value="other">Other (given below)</_item>
<_param name="otherFontDesc" type="description" xml:space="preserve">
Other SVG font name or path (if "Other" selected above):
<param name="otherfont" type="string" indent="2" _gui-text="Name/Path:">HersheySans1</param>
<param name="preserve" indent="4" type="boolean" _gui-text="Preserve original text" >false</param>
<page name="utilities" _gui-text="Utilities">
<_param name="utilspage" type="description" appearance="header" xml:space="preserve">
Hershey Text Utility Functions
<param indent="2" name="action" type="enum" _gui-text="Action: ">
<_item value="sample" >Generate font table</_item>
<_item value="table" >Generate glyph table in selected font</_item>
<_param name="utilspage" type="description" xml:space="preserve">
Sample text to use when generating font table:</_param>
<param indent="2" name="text" type="string" _gui-text="Text:">
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over a Lazy Dog</param>
<page name="help" _gui-text="About">
<_param name="aboutpage" type="description" xml:space="preserve">
This extension renders all text (or all selected text)
in your document into using specialized "stroke" or
"engraving" fonts designed for plotters.
Whereas regular "outline" fonts (e.g., TrueType) work
by filling in the region inside an invisible outline,
engraving fonts are composed only of individual lines
or strokes; much like human handwriting.
Engraving fonts are used for creating text paths that
computer controlled drawing and cutting machines (from
pen plotters to CNC routers) can efficiently follow.
A complete user guide is available to download at:
For extended help, click "Apply" with this tab selected.
<page name="info3" _gui-text="Credits">
<_param name="aboutpage3" type="description" xml:space="preserve">
The classic Hershey fonts included are derived from
work by Dr. A. V. Hershey.
Additional modern "EMS" fonts in this distribution are
derivatives created from fonts licensed under the SIL
Open Font License.
For full credits and license information, please read the
credits embedded within the SVG fonts included with this
<effect needs-live-preview="true">
<submenu _name="AxiDraw Utilities"/>
<command reldir="extensions" interpreter="python"></command>