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The Universal Aggregator

This is a set of tools to aggregate all your information into your maildir. Each tool can be used separately ; you can find a more complete description in their respective folder.

  • ggs is a software which runs commands periodically
  • maildir-put reads a set of messages from its standard input and puts them in a maildir
  • rss2json transforms any RSS/Atom feed into a set of messages that maildir-put can process
  • You can write your own producers (scrapers) for maildir-put ; some are already provided in the scrapers/ directory.
  • You can also put filters, like ua-inline or ua-proxify.


ggs [path-to-configuration-file]


  • Go
  • libxml
  • jq
  • For additional scrapers: scrapy, python 3 and nodejs


make && sudo make install


See the ggs documentation for more information. Here is an sample configuration file, which puts some feeds into Fun and Geek folders, some new chapters notification from mangareader into Entertainment, and my Github personal feed into inbox:


rss() {
	command 2000 "rss2json \"$1\" | ua-inline | maildir-put -root $HOME/Maildir-feeds -folder \"$2\""

mangareader() {
	command 2000 "ua-scraper-mangareader -a name=$1 | "\
		"maildir-put -root $HOME/Maildir-feeds -folder Entertainment"

rss Fun
rss Fun
rss Fun

rss Geek
rss Geek

mangareader naruto
mangareader bleach
mangareader gantz

rss ""

Weboob compatibility

You can use weboob modules used by boobmsg to generate messages. Configure the modules using boobmsg, and use weboobmsg2json [module-name] to generate messages. [module-name] can be found in ~/.config/weboob/backends.