Ryan Rix rrix
  • this is my source code. i've made it publicly available under copyleft licenses, most of it is in the compost organization listed below this on my profile.

  • Joined on 2020-09-11

The ELisp which renders notes.whatthefuck.computer. Kinda of buggy, mostly unmaintained. I ran git filter-branch on this to remove my personal files, if I ever go to push an update to this it'll fail until I apply it to this fork.

Updated 2020-09-11 21:51:58 -07:00

a personal plant diary built around org-mode documents

Updated 2020-09-12 10:38:26 -07:00

develop Elixir Phoenix applications in org-mode documents.

Updated 2020-09-12 10:47:51 -07:00

Poka Ijo is where i catalog my nearby things

Updated 2021-09-18 18:25:29 -07:00

RSS feeds for Sonarr downloads

Updated 2020-09-12 10:59:44 -07:00

The arcology is a web publishing system for org-roam written in the literate fashion in phoenix elixir and emacs lisp

Updated 2021-12-03 19:21:30 -08:00

a simple esp 8266 soil sensor for prometheus

Updated 2021-03-04 14:59:37 -08:00

Updated 2023-08-31 21:40:39 -07:00

[deprecated, see code.rix.si/rrix/arcology] Arcology Web Publishing Platform for Emacs Org-mode

Updated 2024-03-05 11:08:10 -08:00

fork of https://github.com/edsu/feediverse/ for use with Arcology

Updated 2023-01-25 16:16:01 -08:00

Org-Mode docs for managing a healthy computer

Updated 2024-03-20 15:04:20 -07:00

Send tweets or RSS feeds to a matrix room. largely unmaintained and unused.

Updated 2020-09-12 10:42:00 -07:00

Updated 2023-03-03 12:00:30 -08:00

Area Forecast Discussions for the Seattle WA NWS service area, delivered via RSS.

Updated 2021-11-03 22:05:16 -07:00